Leap into the Epoch with 3D technologies on demand.

Industrial design consultancy group for customized product development solutions using additive manufacturing technology

To be the standard industrial pioneers in design for additive manufacturing and product development services using 3D technology solutions.

to ever evolve as dominant industrial design professionals for total product development solutions of digital 3D design to rapid prototyping services to full-scale production projects on demand with additive manufacturing technology.

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Project consultancy


book a demo to discuss your project in product development framework including its operation environment like pressure and temperature or opt to initiate ‘as per sample’ task order to commence your tailored service

An initial rough sketch shall be produced to conceptualize the insight of its physical appearance on the drawing board. We’re keen to get the full closure of your part for its final 3D realization.

Data storage facility

We shall also provide you with an online cloud system as an inventory that you can always count on for digital storage and come back to retrieve your 3D CAD models for future production orders or additional design improvements.

Iteration/ Analysis

We are also eager to check on your feedback about your particular 3D model with subsequent design review interactions to pursue your specific requirements for further design adjustments and simulation analysis.

Design for Additive manufacturing

We shall see though a possibility of light weighting and assembly consolidation of your parts to improvise and customize for 3D manufacturing and cost effective solutions just for you.

Additive manufacturing

Coming over to our digital printer, the already established 3D model data shall serve as an input for the complete fabrication of your prototype, now realized for the required job you expect out of it.

In-house training

Would you like to know if we are up to date with our services and customized solutions? We constantly strive for the latest practical insights in our professional arena to deliver top notch services to our clients.

3D C.A.D surfacing

Let’s dive into 3D modeling to visualize your idea with all its dimensions including overall physical attributes using digital C.A.D software, over to you for final validation and production go ahead.

Scheduled delivery

The part/prototype is then securely packed and sent back to you as per the delivery address assigned to it. We shall make sure the package arrives to your communicated site right on time.






Post processing



Marine/ Naval




Mining/ Energy




What is 3D printing actually?

A back story…

3D printing is an additive build up process by which a digital three-dimensional design (CAD) data is used to come up with its physical replica with layer-by-layer synthesis of raw material arrangement. It is essentially a bottom-up additive production process by which raw materials are joined together to make physical objects using…

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